breakthrough ideas

breakthrough ideas


“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” ~Madeleine Albright 




–       The Women INnovators (in short WIN-Novators) is an association which supports women who want to make a difference in businesses through innovation



–       To become a vehicle for women to seek other professional women’s support or advice to advance breakthrough ideas and innovation


Who can participate?

  • We believe that all women in the world are creative independently of her race, education or status in society.
  • We believe that some women might need a bit help in advancing their creativity from just having an idea to an idea which is being marketed.  That is what this network is for!



How does WIN-novators work?

1. The WIN-novators sign up in the network either as a creator of an idea or as a seeker to help advancing the ideas.

2.  Upon signing up, both seeker and creator commit to spend 20 hours per year to help other women in the network to advance their ideas

3. Each female member sets a goal for herself in the online profile, and what she wants to achieve and how she wants to contribute to the network. One of the performance indicators will be the number of followers of hers which will determine how successful she has been or the number of comments to her suggestions. Also how many times she has asked to become a mentor is an indication.

4. Each woman in the network has a mentor whom she chooses amongst the network members. The mentor’s role is to spiritually support the creator, and advice on whom to contact in the network to advance the idea. It is all women’s duty to carry out the mentoring role.

5. A member will be excluded from the network is she does not fulfill her commitment for no good reason. This is to make sure that the network lies up to its goal to advance women and their breakthrough idea and not become another social network.

6. By signing up, the network terms and conditions are accepted. The main point is that once an idea has been raised in the network, it is protected for one year from anybody taking that idea or tries to execute the idea. The network co-creates on the idea to make it executable and ready to go to market

7. There are two steps to follow after an idea has been launched in the network:

– It is the creator who drives it and asks experts and members in the network to advance the idea. When an idea is ready – a feasibility assessment is has been carried, and funding is now necessary to make it marketable, the creator can ask members to invest in it, by creating a fund where members invest and thereby become shareholders. The discussions, planning and advancing of the idea can remain inside the network.

– When the stage of where a fund is created, the idea is now a business which means it starts living its own life. However, when the business starts generating profit, the business will pay back 1% of its profit to the association for the use of future idea advancement or patent seeking or as the network grows for payment of a daily leader, marketing, bookkeeping etc.

8. The 2 initial founders, Ruxandra and Magdalena, will be facilitating the network for the 1 year. Facilitators of the association are elected every year by the members. The date is always 1st of January. The facilitator team consists of 7 members. It is on purpose that we call it facilitator team and not board nor Presidents. The reason being to avoid building hierarchies and unnecessary structures which hinders innovation and collaboration between women.


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