In alphabetical order:

Ruxandra facing an innovation

Ruxandra facing an innovation

Ruxandra Balboa-Pöysti (founder)

Result of a rare – potentially innovative – mix of nationalities, implying travels, adventures all over the world, I love to be a part of everything new, everything that has the potential to shake it! You will find me in software development, renewable energy and even contemporary dance or law books writing, because that’s where things happen – or have happened! I am very pleased to help other people achieve their goals and will put seriously fun amounts of energy for developing Win-novators as a fulfilling network. Innovators are everywhere and I admire those who dare and follow their instinct.  (My instinct tell me I should change this picture shortly).

Ruxandra is a (most of the time) happy entrepreneur and artist, founder of Hirvipeikot, a transmedia company (she hates the word transmedia but it seems everyone else is comfortable with it). She has a unique marketing and communications experience in the field of software development and renewable energy. To the last count, she still speaks (kind of) over 10 languages, has 2 children, 1 husband.

Magdalena Pawlowicz

Magdalena Pawlowicz

Magdalena Pawlowicz (co-founder)

If my life was a movie, would anybody want to see it? Absolutely. So here is, Danish but born by Polish parents. I have always regarded business as a hobby. I love new ideas and innovations around business. Whom I admire for innovation: My School teacher in 2nd grade and to 9th grade, Knud Bovin. He was the first innovator I met in person. He worked with us pupils in the context of engagement and creativity by applying unorthodox methods, and involving parents. He taught us how to work in teams, and use each others strengths to achieve solutions and that was back in 1972! His methods have first been applied in to the Danish school guideline sin 2004, so he was way ahead of his time. I would like to see more stories like the one I told about Knud Bovin, and especially get women out there to come forward with whatever crazy or practical ideas they have. Let us grow those ideas into applied innovations. We are here to help. Let us connect and share.

Magdalena is the CEO and partner of GL Consulting, Finland’s premier Enterprise 2.0 consulting and advisory company. She is also a working member of a software company which has developed a social and collaboration platform for Enterprises. She is also a co-founder of http://www.trendsales.fi, a community and an e-commerce web site for fashion lovers. She has working experience from 13 countries and with 10 companies listed on Fortune’s Top 50 list.

She is a Serial Entrepreneur, and Enterprise 2.0 business advisor, she has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in management consulting.


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